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Internet Marketing professional since 2010.

Love to learn by experimenting.

Still learning as it is never ending industry: SERP Domination, eCommerce Funnels, Facebook Ads Domination, Google Ads Domination.

>> I love consultancy. Love to see people grow (those who are highly focused).

Currently working as a Digital Marketing Head at Butterfly Group (LG-Butterfly). Learning by experimenting. Lots of achievements within 3 years or so and still hustling.

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Mahmudul Alam

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Module 1

Course Introduction

  • Why you should follow me
  • What you will learn from this course
  • How to get the best out from this course

Module 2

Prepare Yourself Before Running Facebook Ads

  • How to Prepare Yourself Before Running Facebook Ads
  • Understanding How Ad Sets, Ads, Ad Placements Works
  • Easiest Way of Setting Up Facebook Pixel Setup
  • In Depth Idea About Campaign Structure
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Must Have Tools You Shoud Use (Free & Paid)
  • Types of Campaign
  • Which Paid Ads Platforms Perfect for Ecommerce
  • Why You Should Run Facebook Ads

Module 3

Payment Gateway Setup

  • Best Payment Gateway Setup for You

Module 4

Customer Types and Purchase Journey

  • Advance Customer Journey and Best Practices
  • Traffic Temperature Explanation
  • Understanding Customer Purchase Journey

Module 5

Content Plan and Tracking Template

  • Content Plan and Tracking Template
  • How to Increase Facebook Page Quality

Module 6

Budget Plan

  • Monthly and Yearly Budget Plan With Template (All in one plan template)

Module 7

Facebook Ads

  • How to Create Perfect Audience
  • Setup Facebook Ads Report to Get Deep Idea
  • Split Testing and Best Practices
  • How to Run Brand Awareness Campaign
  • How to Run Page Likes Ads
  • How to Run Post Engagement Ads
  • How to Run Video Views Ads
  • How to Run Website Traffic Ads
  • How to Run Conversion Ads
  • How to Run Lead Ads
  • Troubleshooting for Facebook Ads (Saves lots of money and time)
  • Facebook Compliance Ultimate Guide

Module 8

Audience Building Explained

  • How to Create Saved Audiences
  • How to Create Lookalike Audiences
  • How to Build Custom Audience (All types Explained)

Module 9

Strategies to Boost Revenue

  • Strategy 01 - Video Views - Sniper Funnel Method
  • Strategy 02 - PPE Method (Sharable Content)
  • Strategy 03 - Giveaway Method

Module 10

Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics to Get Audience Nature and Take Further Action
  • Realtime Data Issue Discussion and How You Can Solve It

Module 11

Google Data Studio

  • Google Data Studio to Scale Your Business and Professional Reporting
  • Realtime Template Discussion Based on Ad Types to Scale by Duplicating Ad Sets

Module 12

How to Grow

  • Extra Income - How to Get Clients
  • How to Win on Interviews
  • How to Grow

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for beginners?

We welcome beginners! We all started somewhere. No matter what your level you are welcome.

What benefits do I get from completing this course?

After completing this course, you will get rock solid idea about Facebook Ads, how you can grow your business revenue by Facebook Ads. All the methods shared are being used by me. If I can do that, you can too.

I’m not a computer expert – does it matter?

Not at all! As long as you can tell which part is the screen and which is the keyboard, we can help with the rest.

Am I too young to do this course?

This course is perfect for students.

Am I too old to do this course?

No way! This course is very easy for you too.

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